What’s Cooking?

What’s up people of the web? My name is Tony Balestreri. I am a chef that lives in Chicago for the past 4 years. I recently moved here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Whoo Beer City!). So how is living in Chicago? Well, it’s busy, expensive, energetic, and frisky. Fashion, food, and sports are part of what drives this city. And I couldn’t care less about $200 ass-hugging men’s jeans, or the  Da Bears(lets face it.. they still suck). Other than that, it’s a beautiful city.

What I’d really like to talk about is the food. I love to eat, cook, and explore new types of cuisine. Chicago offers diversity in culture and food–making it the best place for a chef and food lover. This shit is the real deal. From the hot dog stands that sell local, mouth watering Vienna Beef wieners that we all love to shove in our mouths. To the hundreds of critically acclaimed restaurants littered throughout the city. And then we get to the drinking…and of course the late night snacks. Don’t we all love the ‘tamale guy’? Walking around the Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square neighborhoods from 12-4 am with his red cooler packed full of delicious authentic Mexican tamales. Life Saver.

These uniquely Chicago experiences inspire me to keep learning and cooking outside the box. So lets talk! I’d like to share my experiences and some of my recipes with you and hear your feedback and what you’re up to. Bring it on. Lets EAT!


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