Fish Tacos + Beer…. Yes please!

Whats up people, foodies and the rest of you out there? I first want to apologize for my absence from my blog. I recently took an amazing trip to California to visit one of my best friends that I haven’t seen in quite a long time. His name is Josh and he is weird, far-out and remarkable all at the same time which is why we have been friends for half our lives. He currently is a cook at a restaurant, and on his off time he sharpens his acting skills by performing in local plays. And let me tell you this guy is FUCKING HILARIOUS and knows how to work a crowd.

The thing that inspired me to make these mouth watering fish tacos was one of the drunken crazy nights in Cali Josh and I went to the local taco truck around 3 in the morning. Which from people I asked, or drunkly slurred, on the way said it was pretty good. Well…thats the last time I listen to anyone where to eat when I’m drunk, hungry, and really don’t know where the hell I’m at because that shit was absolutely putrid. I had ordered 2 steak tacos and a coke, stumbled back to Josh’s apartment as fast as I could to sit down and enjoy them after a solid bong rip. I bit into the first taco and couldn’t help but spit it out and investigate this rancid taste that had been shot in my mouth like an unexpecting load. When I looked at the steak it resembled what looks like week old rabbit turds. Me, being a professional chef with a ServSafe certification, noticed that this steak had probably been in the danger zone for at least 2 1/2 hours. I couldn’t believe that someone would serve that quality of food to people. So I threw the nasty tacos away and spent the next few minutes in the bathroom. Im sorry I’m not sorry for putting you through that hahaha.

After my trip was over and I returned to Chicago, I was determined to come up with an-outstanding taco recipe to share with the world–or at least the people that will read the shit I post on my blog. I really wanted to make steak tacos but my stomach said “You’re not eating that red meat just yet,” so I decided to go with fish and used Tilapia.
“Tilapia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular seafood in the United States, with the National Marine Fisheries Service ranking it the fifth most consumed seafood. In fact, American’s annual consumption of tilapia has quadrupled over the last 4 years, from a quarter pound per person in 2003 to more than a pound in 2007. Researchers predict tilapia is destined to be one of the most important farmed seafood products of the century.”- from

So here is my Recipe for my fried fish tacos I know that you will enjoy them as much as I did. It is very simple and Scrum-chu-lessant!!!

Makes 4-5


The First thing that I start preparing and making is the Remoulade sauce. This Remoulade sauce is a New Orleans style condiment thats base contains of mayo, mustard and paprika but, me being me had to put a sweet little spin on it. Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth cover and store in refrigerator until serving. This is one of my favorite sauce/condiments to make, you can use it on/with: burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken, fish, veggie dip and any fried foods. will last for a month plus if stored correctly.

1 1/2 cups mayo
2 celery stalks (cut in small pieces
1/2 cup spanish onion
4 Tbs ketchup
3 Tbs yellow mustard
3 Tbs grain mustard
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
3 Tbs garlic
3 green onions (cut off whites)
4 Tbs parsley
3 Tbs cilantro
2 Tbs worcestershire sauce
Lemon juice of 1/2 a lemon
salt & pepper to taste


The second thing to do is to make the Pico de Gallo salsa because we don’t want to contaminate any other produce or food with the fish. We will always handle that at the end unless you enjoy getting really sick then go for it. Cut all the ingredients into small dice. Thats small square pieces for all of you yahoos that don’t know.

1 cup tomatoes ( cut into quarters and deseed )
1/2 cup Spanish onions
1/3 cup jalapeños ( cut in half and deseed )
1 Tbs Cilantro
Juice of 1/2 lime ( If prefer more onion, tomato, jalapeño do so )
salt to taste

Mix well in bowl, cover, and put in refrigerator.



Almost done. Just a few more things to do. This is when we make the beer batter for the fish-and there is nothing more satisfying for a beer drinker than to have beer in your food. I know this from personal experience, a little to much at times. Alright here we go, put all ingredients in bowl and mix well but make sure your beer is in first then slowly add flour while whisking it in then add spices and herbs.

1 12oz can of beer (which ever you prefer)
1 cup all purpose flour
1 Tbs salt
1 Tbs black pepper
1/2 Tbs cayenne pepper
1 Tbs paprika
1/2 Tbs cajun seasoning
1/2 Tbs ground cumin
1/2 Tbs curry powder
1 tsp thyme leaves
1 tsp coffee grounds
1 tsp dried basil


Final Step! Heat vegetable oil in pot or in deep fryer to 350 degrees, if frying in pot make sure there is enough oil to cover fish. If frying in pot and you don’t know how to tell if your oil is hot enough flick a few dribbles of water into the oil. if it pops fiercely your good to go and if oil is smoking its a little to hot… turn off heat wait 2 min and start frying. Cut the fillets of fish into 2-3 inch pieces toss in flour to cover the fish then dip the fish into the batter again making sure its covered all over then carefully place in oil. Wait until the fish starts to float and turns GBD ( Golden Brown Delicious ) then take out (aprox 3-4 min) and set on paper towel to drain excess grease.



Bang! Bang! Now your done! Now just heat up your tortillas and stuff those bad boys with greatness! Thanks for reading my blog please leave comments because I want to know what you thought.

Keep it GBD
Till Next Time


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